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 Tahoe Shamanic Horse Healing Retreat
 Date: October 18, 2024
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Healing Humanity to Heal the Earth

Horses are healers and advanced beings. They are conduits to higher frequencies and remind us to be present; not in the past, not in the future, but in the here and now. When we ask to receive the healing gift from horses, we witness firsthand their ability to move stuck energy, calm emotions, and clear the mind. Our herd of 13 horses honors this role and looks forward to working with participants in our Horse Healing Retreats.

Shamanic Horse Healing Retreat at Starr Horse Retreats

Journey into the realm of horse spirit medicine 

Experience profound, healing through yoga, sound, ceremony, movement, and horse medicine. 


Reset rigid patterning through free liberty, and conscious connections with our shaman horses. 


Set intentions to receive insights, solutions, clarity, and leadership guidance to impact your life. 


Expand confidence and competence through movement, and bareback partnership with horses. 


  • Bareback Partnership

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Consciousness Movement

  • Constellation Healing Exercise

  • Free Liberty Horse Healing

  • Sacred Flower Bath

  • Sound Healing Integration 

  • Temazcal (sweat lodge)

  • Yoga          


We invite participants to tap into the innate healing abilities of the horses and honor them as shamans in their role of awakening our consciousness.

At this retreat, participants will rewrite their narrative and release blockages to make space for new energy. They are guided to set intentions for insights, solutions, and clarity while expanding confidence and competence through movement and bareback partnership. The horses illustrate parallel issues of trust, forgiveness, and threshold limits, and illuminate emotional intelligence skills for mindful decision-making and past grief healing.

Participant Testimonies from our May 2023 Retreat

Horses are advanced beings that have been waiting for humanity to wake up and get it. They’re animals with instinct, yes, but they are also stellar beings with intuition and connection to source energy

Shamanic Horse Healing Retreat at Starr Horse Retreats

About the Center

Starr Horse Retreats is a holistic equestrian retreat center. We teach awakened-consciousness healing modalities surrounding mindful living and respect for the planet. We care about the air we breathe, the health of our oceans, and what we do with our waste. We are bringing the medicine of nature back to the people.

Our retreat center has three guest houses, four arenas, a 10-stall horse barn, a workshop room, Gathering Grounds, and 30 acres of pasture with multiple obstacle courses and moguls for walking and riding.

Shamanic Horse Healing Retreat at Starr Horse Retreats

We work in stewardship with the horses advocating for their needs and care, and we work with humans through the horses. We understand that healing humanity heals the earth.

This 3-night Shamanic Horse Healing Retreat is for participants who want to experience profound healing through yoga, sound, sweat lodge ceremony, dance, and horse medicine. Participants will receive meals, lodging, and tremendously powerful healing modalities.

Starr Horse Retreats
Shamanic Horse Healing retreat

Shamanic Horse Healing Retreat Sample Schedule:

Day 1 arrival Friday, 3 pm, 

1.    Arrival and Settle in Rooms

2.    Introductions/ Intentions with Melinda Starr 

3.    Dinner with Chef Catalina

4.    Bed   


Day 2 Saturday

1.   Morning Yoga with Pamela Jean

2.   Breakfast Chef Catalina

3.   Circle for Content with Melinda Starr and Pamela Jean

4.   Free liberty* Horse Healing    

5.   Lunch Chef Catalina   

6.   Re-Writing the Narrative with Melinda Starr 

6.   Sweat Lodge with Raquel Berdejo

7.   Sacred flower bath

8.   Dinner Chef Catalina

9.   Bed


Day 3 Sunday

1.   Morning Yoga with Pamela Jean

2.   Breakfast Chef Catalina

3.   Circle for Integration

4.   Free Liberty Horse Healing

5.   Constellation Healing Exercise/Bareback Partnership with Ari Krause

6.   Lunch Chef Catalina

7.   Circle for Integration

8.   Cacao Ceremony with Raquel Berdejo

9. Sound Healing Integration with Angelene Hall 

10. Dinner Chef Catalina


Day 4 Monday, April 29th

1.   Morning Yoga with Pamela Jean

2.   Breakfast Chef Catalina

3.   Circle 

4.   Pack up and Go Home    

* Free Liberty meditation: Integrating into the herd on their turf to be present and willing to receive healing. We aren't there to change, direct, or influence them or their environment.


We offer three separate houses to accommodate sleeping for12 participants:


This retreat is for families, corporate, groups, and solo 

Although we are a fully functioning farm - with hay fields, tractors, horses, chickens, and goats… We are only 30 minutes from South Lake Tahoe, and 45 minutes from Reno (international airport). We are a few miles away from Interstate 50, 80, and Hwy 395, so you get the convenience of modern life while staying on a dream farm oasis. 

We are on a 30-acre property with multiple gathering grounds that include a tipi, sweat, lodge, fire pit, immersion tub, arenas, obstacle courses, moguls, stargazing deck… And many different activities abound in this area, including snow skiing, boating on the lake, crystal mountain - hunting for crystals, old ghost towns, Virginia City, and four-wheeling adventures… There is a plethora of activities!  We extend that if people want to stay beyond the four days of retreat, our participant concierge can help create an amazing adventure vacation in America’s Wild West!

The Chalet
The Bunkhouse
The Container Cottage
Anchor 1

Chef Catalina

Chef Catalina prepares all organic and vegetarian meals on-site. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions when you register

Chef Catalina


Positive Reinforcement Horse Training at Starr Horse Retreats

Positive Reinforcement Horse Training Certification


Do you want to start your career in the field of horse training? Or are you a current horse trainer looking for kinder methods? Maybe you are a horse owner and want to learn training techniques that align with your ethical values. There is a growing awareness in the equine world that there is a better way to train horses than the traditional protocol of using fear and pain. Our positive reinforcement (R+) horse training certification retreat combines the knowledge and application for honoring horses and healing humans into one program. This course dives into science-based, holistic horsemanship training with our Whole Horse, Whole Human program. Our program combines R+ training techniques and Horse-Human-Ship healing into a fully comprehensive certificate of graduation for a career in horse training.

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