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Starr Horse Retreats, LLC., is a venue provider in two ideal settings: Starr Horse Retreats and Arenas (SHRA) located east of Lake Tahoe in the verdant Carson Valley, and our river ranch on the East Walker River10 miles south of Yerington, Nevada. Both properties host retreats, training, and education.

We host events to plant the seeds for change with natural plant, animal, and body wisdom. We care about the air we breathe, the health of our oceans, and what we do with our waste. Our retreats teach holistic healing modalities surrounding mindful living and respect for the planet. We are bringing the medicine of nature back to the people. 

At Starr Horse Retreats we honor the horse spirit. We ask permission for the experience of getting on the backs of any animal and express gratitude for the privilege. We learn about equine behavior and psychology and how those concepts can be applied to our own mental and emotional skills. We provide a sanctuary to horses that honors their ability to heal and awaken.

Melinda Starr


Melinda Starr, owner and founder of Starr Horse Retreats is dedicated to equine-assisted healing and education using positive reinforcement (R+) ridership techniques. She works in stewardship with the horses advocating for their needs and care and works with humans through the horses.  


Melinda opens a sacred container with the horses to help people unlock and heal ancient genetic memories of trauma and fear encoded deep in their ancestral history. She is driven to build a new paradigm that honors Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

30-Day Residential Certification Retreats


Starr Horse Retreats offers a Positive Reinforcement Horse Training Certification through our residential training program in Minden, Nevada.

Positive reinforcement training (R+) is a revolutionary approach to training horses that replaces the traditional methods of using fear and pain to get a horse to do what you want, with a reward-based approach that motivates the horse to want to do what you want.


Interested in booking the venue?

Whether you need a location for enlightenment and mind expansion, leadership and productivity training, or a family or social gathering, our creative team can help. We're available to assist with planning, design, catering, and staff. We will work with you to discover new synergies to create a memorable foundation for your spiritual, corporate, or social retreat.

Meet the Horse Shamans


Our teachers and healers are the horses themselves. Our herd of 12 horses came to Starr Horse Retreats and Arenas to help change the world during this transition of the ages. They honor their role and look forward to working with participants in our monthly Shamanic Horse Healing Retreats.

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A to Zen interview in Carson City, NV

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