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Horse Shaman Oracle Cards and WOOT Tarot Cards

Horse Oracle Cards


Glean wisdom from the 17 horse shamans at Starr Horse Retreats. The Horse Oracle is a pack of 17 cards with messages channeled directly from the herd of horses at Starr Horse Retreats. Pick one every day for advice and lessons. 

Appaloosa Horse Oracle Cards
Buckskin Horse Oracle Cards

Wizard of Oz Tarot (WOOT)

Melinda Starr created the Wizard of Oz Tarot deck with painter Holly Spahr, who takes you through the Fool's Journey or Shaman’s Journey through the lens of the Wizard of Oz.  The project includes two-minute film shorts that parallel each major arcana card from the WOOT deck as Dorothy traverses the Yellow Brick Road.


Melinda sells Wizard of Oz Tarot decks, canvas paintings, prints, and posters of the Major Arcana cards from the deck.

All proceeds go to support the herd at Starr Horse Retreats.

Learn more about the deck.


WOOT Tarot Cards


The Wizard of Oz Tarot deck (WOOT) was created by Melinda Starr, owner of Starr Horse Retreats. The WOOT tarot deck mirrors Dorothy's journey of self-actualization and consciousness ascension through the beloved tale of the Wizard of Oz.
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