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Meet the Horse Teachers

A Shaman is a healer who channels direct communication from lifeforce/Source. Horses are shamans. They are healing humanity to help us wake up and re-member that we are a part of the Earth; we are a member of mother nature in all of her cycles, rhythms, miracles, and abundance. 

All throughout history horses have been in service to humans. They have been waiting for this here and now to awaken and heal humans. When we ask to receive this gift from our horses we witness firsthand their ability to move stuck energy, calm emotions, and clear the mind. Our shaman horses are conduits to higher frequencies and they remind us to be present for healing, not the past, not the future, but the here and now. They help us to become whole in our love-joy essence as we transition with grace from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. Horses continue to support humanity as we move into a new paradigm where all life is honored on Mother Earth, Gaia.

DOB: 1999 

Galaxy is a retired racehorse and is the leader of the herd. He has a strong personality and is very protective and watchful of the safety of the herd. He is royal and appreciates when you honor him as such.
Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown
DOB: 2012 

Foxy Brown is the matriarch of the herd and the mother of Solar. She has laminitis of the feet from neglect at her previous home. When she came to us she was starving, pregnant, and lame. She is revered by the rest of the herd and treated with the utmost respect.
DOB: 1999 

Jasper is a pony who knows how to drive the pony cart and jump. He was raised on a pony farm and gave rides to little kids for a living. He is kind and gentle, and a wonderful uncle to baby Solar, playing with him gently.
DOB: 2022 

Valentine came to us as a 1 year old filly with no training and an version to touching her legs. This made it very challenging to trim her hooves. After using positive reinforcement training methods she has allowed us to trim her feet and now loves human attentioon. She is a sweetheart and fits her name to a tee. 
DOB: 2018

River was only one-year-old when he was trailered from Texas to California. He had 3 different homes by the time he was 2 1/2 years. He has one blue eye, and one brown eye and tends to be the jokester of the group - just to keep things from getting too boring!
DOB: 2022

Solar is the baby and was born at Starr Horse Retreats and Arenas. He is eager to play and learn the ropes from all the aunts and uncles in the herd. He loves people and loves scratches and kisses. He is being groomed to be king someday by his regal mother.
DOB: 1997

Legend was the 12th horse to join the herd and has proven to be a formidable opponent to Galaxy for the leadership role. Rather than fight for the position, however, Legend plays it cool. He prefers to either hang out by himself or in the company of his girlfriend, Feather, rather than scuffle for inclusion with the herd.
DOB: 2016

Mississippi is the feisty one of the bunch and is bonded tightly to both Galaxy and Foxy Brown. She is loyal and saucy and won't hesitate to put the others in their place if they attempt to nudge her away from food.
Dr. Seuss
DOB: 1995

Dr. Seuss is a retired racehorse and used to be the leader of the herd before Foxy Brown and Mississippi arrived, Galaxy displaced him in order to gain the affection and leadership of the mares. Dr. Seuss took it with aplomb and gracefully stepped into the role of humorous uncle. 
DOB: 2007 

Bonnie was neglected when she came to us with long hooves, knotted mane, and in need of dental care. She and Jasper have been a couple from the minute they laid eyes on each other. She knows how to drive the pony cart and is great with little kids, 
DOB: 2019

Feather was only 1- 1/2 when she arrived and was the "baby" before Solar was born. She is self-assured and confident and loves being with humans, and learning new things. She is brave and likes to be included in all activities involving healing humans. 
DOB: 2000

Aspen was severely traumatized when he arrived. He is from Texas and was shipped to Nevada through an online auction site. The winning bidder didn't want him after arrival because he was deemed unrideable due to being overworked and abused back in Texas. We adore Aspen and are watching him heal through his shamanic family.
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