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Sound Healing/Cacao

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao is a bean that grows on trees native to Central and South America. It is a “superfood” as it contains more antioxidants than blueberries. It also contains theobromine, a bitter alkaloid similar to caffeine thought to boost moods and energy. The Cacao plant contains medicinal properties and every aspect of the plant is considered sacred.

The Cacao plants are loved and nurtured on their indigenous lands, they are harvested with love, care, and mindfulness. When the drink is prepared, it is prepared with intention and love. From beginning to end, it’s treated with great reverence. For the ceremony, the Cacao is blended with rose petals, cinnamon, vanilla, cayenne, and maple syrup for sweetness.

What is a Sound Meditation?

Sound has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing. During a sound healing session, you'll lie down on the floor as the practitioner plays crystal bowls, gongs, and a variety of instruments. The sound frequencies slow down brain waves to a deeply restorative and meditative state, which activates the body's system of self-healing.

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