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One More Horse is Donated to Starr Horse Retreats

Yesterday was crazy at Starr Horse Retreats when Slicker Wildjoined the herd just a week after Ivy Aurora moved in. I introduced the herd slowly to this magnificent, jet-black, 18-year-old, fully trained, do-anything, kind of guy. He was donated to us because his owner could no longer take him on long trail rides due to the onset of arthritis. She had two other horses she was riding, and Slicker Wild was standing around in his corral every day, making his arthritis worse. She worried about winter coming. I learned from Aspen, that exercise is actually good for arthritis, and I never notice a limp in Aspen anymore while living here. But Slicker Wild definitely needed his Eqquiox (horse aspirin) by the end of the day. It will take some time for him to adjust to the movement here on 30 acres with a herd of friends to pal around with. Interestingly, he made friends with Aspen, although it makes sense since they are the same age. I accidentally left the barn doors open so my organized chaos went a bit awry when Galaxy, Mississippi, and Solar came sailing out of the barn. Still, other than that, the integration went well and was very exciting. Slick is our first “papered“ horse with a registered name of, One Slick Wild Bar.

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