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Kimberly Holsapple

Kimberly is our in-house yoga instructor with a heartfelt connection to the farm and our herd. She specializes in bringing balance between the mind and body, and a deep connection to Mother Earth. After all, the meaning of yoga is “union”. As an experienced instructor of yoga and meditation, Kim meets you where you are on your journey.

After practicing yoga and meditation for nearly 2 decades, Kim decided to take a deeper dive into the practice she loved so much. Wanting to share her knowledge and skills with others, she traveled to the Himalayas of Northern India in Dharamshala, the land where yoga originated, and completed an in-person, 200 hr. yoga instructor course. She returned home to the US eager to share her knowledge. Kimberly enjoys co-creating with an open heart while gathering, connecting, and grounding us deeply into Mother Gaia.

Kim's intention as a humble co-facilitator is always to act as a conduit between Spirit and Earth. For this retreat, we will start each morning with a sunrise gathering for gentle stretches, balancing poses, and breath work, followed by a short meditation to prepare us for our days on the farm and healing with the horses.

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