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Life Coach Certification

Gaeliel Apostolou

     Integrative Transformational Life Coaching Certification Coordinator

This program incorporates all aspects of life coaching as it walks residents through a mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual perspective to support a successful integrative transformational career in life coaching. As the work always begins with self, students will firsthand go through the process of completing the coaching techniques they will use with future clients. Thus students will engage in a transformative process within themselves throughout the 30-day residential retreat. The program will cover how to work with a variety of people ranging from professional career-oriented individuals to those working through transitions in their life. ​

Topics Covered in the Training: 

  • Communication techniques, boundaries, mindfulness mindset practices

  • Creating healthy habits, identifying codependent patterns, and establishing empowering self-care practices 

  • Identifying goals and establishing realistic action steps, leadership development, and agreement creation with clients and others 

  • Tools for integrating transitions, emotional intelligence, understanding trauma and how it is held in the body and mind, and emotional freedom techniques

  • Developing a connection to the breath, and how it works with the nervous system, meditation, and breathing techniques

  • Shamanic earth-based practices

  • Foundations of nutrition and connection between the physical, mental and emotional bodies

  • Yogic practices and physical exercise practices for enhancing health to become a balanced being


Master of Leadership: South University​

Bachelor of Art International Relations: Agnes Scott College​

Bachelor of Arts German: Agnes Scott College​

International Founder & Independent Affiliate: Prime My Body​

Professional Chef: Specialized Nutritional Programs​

Registered Kundalini Yoga Teacher-220RYT: 3H0 Kundalini Research Institute1000+hours teaching​

Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher/Trainer-500RYT: Daves Astanga Yoga​

International Apprentice: Deertribe Metis Medicine Society​

Shakti Queen-Women's Way to Lead Graduate Amara Charles ​

Landmark Forum Graduate​

Vipassana Meditation Tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin​

Quodoushka, Sacred Sexuality Levels: I, II, III​

Dance Training: Ballet, Indian Classical Temple Dance of Iris, Modern, Belly Dancing, and House dancing​

Yogic Teaching Locations: Aveda stores, the Japanese Friendship Garden, Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Yoga Phoenix, The Center for Divine Awakening, wellness centers, yoga studios, gyms, women’s shelters, outdoor adventure environments, personal retreats.​

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About Gaeliel Apostolou 

Gaeliel Apostolou is our life coaching program coordinator. She has been practicing as an Integrative Wellness Coach and Training Facilitator for over ten years. She believes everything is interconnected and in order to find balance within oneself, you have to integrate all aspects of your being. Her holistic approach looks at what’s happening in a person’s life mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and sexually to identify areas that are in need of being healed and reprogrammed for a more joyful, healthy, and effective way of living. 

Teaching clients and students functional tools that they can incorporate into their daily life is a huge part of her practice and she enjoys giving homework so students and clients can actively shift in realistic ways. She helps others identify unproductive patterns that are blocking them from reaching their desired life. As a trainer, she looks for ways to empower her students to identify what their shining is… meaning where they have their greatest strengths to share with the world.


There are many different directions that a life coach practitioner can take and she enjoys helping each person individually identify what this will be. Her teaching approach is hands-on and combined with the structure to influence the development of functional tools and skillsets. She firmly believes that we learn from each other and she loves working with groups to help create understanding and integration of new information. 


From a young age, Gaeliel was exposed to personal development and spiritual practices from her mother, which resulted in her having a passion for this as she became an adult. She has made it her own lifelong journey to discover the many offerings available for transformation. Due to her broad training, she’s able to incorporate many different techniques to find something that works for each person’s individual needs. Some of the areas of expertise she incorporates into her work are yogic belief systems, transformative breathwork practices, shamanic earth-based teachings, mindfulness, mental restructuring practices, nutritional education, emotional intelligence awareness, self-esteem connection practices, nature-based healing practices, communication enhancement techniques, and corporate leadership development.  


Her two biggest beliefs are that we can find happiness and balance much easier if we accept that change is inevitable, and if we can step out of being a victim. Gaeliel’s work is deep and transformative, helping others to step into a new state of owning the shifts and changes they want by identifying the belief systems and habits that are holding them back. She encourages people to own their power by owning their actions, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions; therefore, resulting in finding empowerment within themselves. You can learn more about her at

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