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Michelle Brown ( Misses Brown)

Misses Michelle Brown considers herself a "wounded healer" of sorts, her personal journey towards holistic health and harmony allowed her to travel the road of forgiveness with Ho Oponopono, the road of Energy Healing while becoming a Master Reiki Practitioner, along with many other streams and pathways towards her multidimensional practice.


Sound healing started mainly with Crystal bowls while she facilitated Women's Circles and Meditation groups. More recently she has continued to slowly gather more sacred sound instruments, like Tibetan Singing Bowls, Native American Medicine Drums, then Gongs, Koshi Chimes, a Monochord and Native American Flutes. Her musical family is always slowly growing with new sonic healing delights that she loves to share with the community.  


Sound therapy offerings coupled with the heart-opening earth medicine Cacao have become a great passion for her. Michelle states "Practicing sound baths is like becoming a hallowed bone conduit to intuitively create sounds that have a profound effect on one's soul, the magic comes from the healing and harmonious sound not the Practitioner."


Michelle's Intention within the beautiful sacred space of Starr Horse Retreats is to: Bring the healing power of meditation and sound coupled with the heart-opening and earth-grounding medicine of cacao, to breathe in the life force energy of love, breathe out those things ready for release and expand our life's experience.

Sound Healing with Michelle Brown
Sound Healing with Michelle Brown
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