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Starr Horse Retreats


Venues for Transformation

 Equine Assisted Leadership, Healing, and Education
R+ HorseTraining

Starr Horse Retreats and Arenas
Minden, Nevada 

Starr Horse Retreats and Arenas (SHRA) is a venue for healing retreats, training, and equine-assisted education using positive reinforcement (R+) ridership techniques. We work with horses advocating for their needs and care, and we work with humans through the horses. We understand that healing humanity heals the earth.


We offer both healing retreats and positive reinforcement ridership workshops and clinics. We have opened the first hands-on positive reinforcement certification program and offer 4-week programs throughout the year.  Learn more here:

Our unique equine healing retreats illustrate parallel issues of trust, forgiveness, and threshold limits. Through our retreats, we explore emotional intelligence skills for mindful decision-making and past grief healing. Some of our unique modalities include free liberty meditation with the horses, sound healing, ecstatic dancing with horses, barnyard yoga, animal Reiki, sweat lodge, and Ice or flower baths. learn more about our retreats here:

We invite participants to explore the possibilities with us as we tap into the innate healing abilities of the horses and honor them as shamans in their role of awakening our consciousness.

Starr Horse Retreats Venue Video



Yerington, Nevada 

Rancho Rico is our second property located two hours from Tahoe and Reno. This venue is on 88 acres of riverfront property with multiple gathering areas for large camping events.

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